What We Believe

The following is not meant to be an exhaustive explanation or declaration of the beliefs and practices of the Indore Baptist Church. However, if you are interested in getting a cursory understanding of what we believe, teach, and practice – and what we believe Baptists have historically believed and practiced – then, please read on.

NOTE: Here is a link to a .pdf of the document. What We Believe1

We believe that our God is Solitary and Holy. (Ex. 15:11; 1Kings 8:23; 1Sam. 2:2; Is. 45:5-6; 1Pet. 1:15-16.)
We believe that our God is Sovereign and Omnipotent. (Ps. 135:6; Dan. 4:35; Matt. 19:26; Rev. 19:6.)
We believe that our God is Omnipresent and Omniscient. (Ps. 139:7-10; Acts 17:27; Ps. 147:5; Prov. 15:3; Acts 15:18; 1Jn. 3:20.)
We believe that our God is Eternal in Being and is the Source of all Life. (Gen. 21:33; Ps. 90:2; Ps. 102:24-27; Is. 57:15; Rom. 11:35-36.)
We believe that our God will manifest His Justice, Love, and Wrath upon this earth and that all of Creation must be held to the objective standards that our God has set forth. (Ps. 89:14; Ps. 145:17; Ezek. 18:29; Rom. 2:2-3; Dan. 9:4; Rom. 3:3-6; 1Jn. 4:16; Deut. 32:22; 2Sam. 22:8; Ps. 7:11; Is. 30:30; Nah. 1:6.)
We believe that our God is manifest in Three Persons, and that these Three are distinct personalities and yet one Being. (2Cor. 13:14; Gen. 1:26; 1Jn. 5:7.)

God the Father
We believe that God the Father is a Spirit. (Jn. 4:24; 1Tim. 1:17.)
We believe that God the Father rules from Heaven. (Jer. 10:10; Dan. 4:34; 1Tim. 6:15-16.)

God the Son
We believe that the Son of God is Eternal, Immutable, and Holy. (Jn. 1:1-2; Jn. 1:15; Heb. 13:8; 1Pet. 2:22; Heb. 7:26-28; 1Jn. 3:5.)
We believe that the Son of God is the express image of the Godhead. (2Cor. 4:4; Col. 1:15; Heb. 1:3.)
We believe that the Son of God subjected Himself to the Will of God the Father in the Plan of Redemption. (Jn. 9:4; Jn. 5:19: Jn. 5:30; 1Cor. 11:3.)

God the Holy Spirit
We believe that the Holy Spirit is God. (Acts 5:3-4; 1Cor. 6:19-20.)
We believe that the Holy Spirit proceeds forth from the Throne of God to do the Will of God. (Jn. 14:16-17; Jn. 15:26; Rom. 8:27.)
We believe that the Holy Spirit provided inspiration for the Holy Scriptures. (2Sam. 23:1-2; 2Pet. 1:19-21; 2Tim. 3:16.)
We believe that the Holy Spirit is even now actively working out the Will and Purpose of God in this wicked and sinful earth. (Zech. 4:6; Gen. 6:3; Ps. 76:10; 2Thess. 2:7.)

We believe in the inerrancy, infallibility, and eternality of the Word of God. (Ps. 19:7; Ps. 119:128, 152, 160; Lk. 21:33; 1Pet. 1:25.)
We believe that the Bible as we have it today contains the Revealed Will of God as He would have us know it. (Deut. 29:29; 1Cor. 13:10.)
We believe that the Bible is complete and does not need any additions or alterations of any kind from men or angels. (Deut. 4:2; Rev. 22:18-19.)
We believe in the constant and pressing need of Studying the Holy Word. (Deut. 31:10-13; Job 23:12; Col. 4:16; 2Tim. 3:15.)
We believe that the Holy Scriptures are the sole authority for Faith and Practice in the lives of individual Christians and also in the work of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
(Is. 8:20; Mk. 7:7-9; Gal. 1:6-9; 1Tim. 3:14-15; 2Tim. 3:16-17; 2Pet. 1:19.)

We believe that our God is the Creator of all that is, and that He created the world in six literal days. (Gen. 1:1; Gen. 2:1-2; Jer. 10:10-12; Acts 4:24; Heb. 11:3.)
We believe that all of Creation is subject to the Lord God Almighty, and one day will praise Him in a perfect fashion. (Ps. 148:3-5; 1Cor. 10:26; Phil. 2:10-11.)

We believe that Satan is a created being, having once been the chief of the angels. (Ezek. 28:12-19.)
We believe that Satan fell when iniquity was found in him. (Is. 14:12-15; Ezek. 15:15.)
We believe that Satan took with him many angels (demons). (Mt. 25:41; 2Pet. 2:4; Jude 6.)
We believe that Satan has opposed himself to God and all those that would follow God. (Gen. 3:1-5; Zech. 3:1; Eph. 6:11; 1Pet. 5:8-9; 1Jn. 3:8.)
We believe that Satan is the ruler of the things of this earth, as far as the Lord will allow him. (Job 1:7; Eph. 2:2-3; Eph. 6:12.)
We believe that all men serve either God or Satan. (Mt. 6:24; Jn. 8:44; Acts 13:10; 2Cor. 11:14-15; 1Tim. 1:20.)
We believe that those that serve Satan will ever serve him, unless the Lord should intervene. (Jn. 6:65; Jn. 8:44.)
We believe that those that serve God only do so because the Lord has saved them. (Eph. 2:3; Eph. 2:12-13; Gal. 1:22-23; 1Pet. 2:10.)
We believe that still yet the saved must throughout this life struggle against the wiles of the devil because the flesh will ever serve him if it is allowed to. (Eph. 4:27; 2Tim. 2:26; Jas. 4:7.)


Fallen Man.
We believe that man was created in the image of God and that he was created Holy and Good and that he fell from that first estate. (Gen. 1:26-27; Gen. 1:31; Gen. 3:6; Eccl. 7:29; Rom. 5:12.)
We believe that when Adam fell he subjected all of those that are born of men to be born in Sin. (Gen. 6:5; Job 14:4; Ps. 51:5; Ps. 14:1-3.)
We believe that man in his natural state is totally depraved and without hope of ever recovering himself from the spiritually dead condition in which he is born into this world. (1Kings 8:46; Job 25:4-6; Rom. 3:23; Eph. 2:1.)
We believe that man in his natural estate pursues evil and will forever eagerly commit sin. (Job 20:11-14; Prov. 4:16-17; Jn. 3:19-20; Jn. 5:40.)

Redeemed Man.
We believe that man can only be saved through the Grace and Mercy of our God, and that Salvation is of the Lord. (Ezek. 36:25-27; Jonah 2:9; Jn. 1:13; Eph. 2:8-10; Col. 2:13.)
We believe that God has ordained the Plan of Redemption. (1Pet. 1:12.)
We believe that The Father has set apart (elected) a certain people unto Salvation. (1Kings 19:18; Jer. 1:5; Jer. 31:3; Mt. 24:22; Jn. 17:2; Acts 13:48; Rom. 8:28-30; Rom. 9:10-16; Eph. 1:4-6; 1Thess. 1:4-5.)
We believe that the Son was born into this world of a virgin (Is. 7:14); that He lived a perfect life (Jn. 18:38; Jn. 19:4; Jn. 19:6); that He died (Jn. 19:30); that He was buried (Jn. 19:40-42); that He arose from the grave on the third day (Lk. 24:26; Mk. 16:1-9); that He ascended into Heaven (Ps. 68:18; Acts 1:9-11); that all of this was accomplished to save sinners (1Tim. 1:15; Jn. 11:50).
We believe that the Life, Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension of the Son of God has provided a Salvation for only the people that were chosen by God in eternity past. (Mt. 11:25-26; Lk. 8:9-10; Jn. 6:44; Jn. 10:26; Jn. 17:9; 1Cor. 1:26-29.)
We believe that the Holy Spirit comes to each of the elect; that He creates a new life within each of the elect; that He brings each of the elect to the Lord Jesus; and that each of the elect will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. (Jn. 3:3-8; Jn. 6:37; Tit. 3:4-6.)
We believe that each of those that are the Lord’s, and are truly saved will possess faith and express repentance. (Ezek. 18:21-28; Mt. 3:7-8; Mk. 1:15; Jn. 6:28-29; Acts 16:27-31; Rom. 10:9-10; Eph. 2:8.)
We believe that each of those that are saved will be kept by God unto the day of the Lord. (Ps. 12:7; Ps. 41:12; Ps. 97:10; Jn. 10:27-29; Rom. 8:35-39; 1Cor. 1:8; Phil. 1:6; 2Tim. 4:18.)
We believe that each of those that are saved will receive new bodies and will be received into Heaven as the Adopted Sons of God. (Is. 63:16; Rom. 8:15-17; 1Cor. 15:47-58; Gal. 4:5-7; 1Jn. 3:1-2.)

We believe that the Family was instituted by the Lord God in the Garden of Eden. (Gen. 1:27-28; Gen. 2:18; Gen. 2:22-24.)
We believe that Marriage is a union between a man and a woman and that marriage is commended of God. (Gen. 5:2; Prov. 18:22; Heb. 13:4.)
We believe that Marriage is a life-long vow between Man and Wife and God in Heaven. (Mt. 19:6.)
We believe that Divorce was only allowed for man because of the hardness of his heart, and that it is the breaking of the marital covenant. (Mk. 10:2-12; Mt. 19:8.)
We believe that the Family consists of a man and his wife and the children that the Lord would bless them with. (Gen. 1:28; Gen. 4:1; Gen. 4:25; Gen. 9:1;Ps. 127:3-5; Prov. 17:6.)
We believe that the Man is the undisputed head of the wife and the family. (Gen. 2:23; Gen. 3:16; Gen. 18:19; 1Cor. 11:3; 1Cor. 11:7-9; Eph. 5:22-24; 1Tim. 5:8; 1Pet. 3:6.)
We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the undisputed head of the man. (1Cor. 11:3.)
We believe that the woman is to love and obey her husband. (Eph. 5:22-24; Col. 3:18; Titus 2:1-5.)
We believe that the man is to cherish his wife, even more than he would care for his own body. (Eph. 5:28-33; Col. 3:19; 1Pet. 3:7.)
We believe that the children should be raised in a Godly manner, by God-fearing parents. (Deut. 11:19; Ps. 78:3-8; Prov. 19:18; Prov. 22:6; Prov. 22:15; Prov. 23:13-14; Eph. 6:4; Col. 3:21.)
We believe that the children are to be obedient to, and give honor unto their parents. (Ex. 20:12; Deut. 5:16; Deut. 21:18-21; Prov. 6:20-22; Mt. 15:4; Eph. 6:1-3; Col. 3:20.)

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ instituted His Church while He was here on this earth and that the Church was in existence before Pentecost. (Mt. 4:18-20; Mt. 16:18; Lk. 6:12-16; Lk. 10:1; Jn. 20:19; Jn. 20:26; Acts 1:15-26.)
We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ gave His Church authority to continue His work when He ascended unto the Father. (Mk. 16:15-18; Acts 1:8.)
We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ promised perpetuity unto His Church. (Mt. 16:18; Mt.28:18-20.)
We believe that the Church has continued since the time of Christ and there has never been a time when His Church has not been present on this earth since the time of the Lord’s ministry. (Eph. 3:21.)
We believe that His Church will continue, without fail, until the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Mt. 16:18.)
We believe that the Churches of the Lord Jesus Christ today are known as Baptist Churches. (Mt. 7:15-20.)
We believe that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is a Local, Visible, Assembly. We do not believe in a Universal, Invisible, Church. (Acts 8:1; Acts 9:31; Acts 11:26; Acts 14:23; Acts 14:27; 1Cor. 1:2; 1Cor. 11:18; Col. 4:15; Rev. 2:1.)
We believe in Link Chain Succession. We believe that the Churches of today have come forth from Churches of like precious faith. Only a Church can beget another Church. (Acts 11:19-26; Acts 13:1-3; Acts 14:22-28.)
We believe that the ordained officers of the Church are only two: Pastor and Deacon. These are to be filled by only male members who meet the qualifications as they are set forth in Scripture. (1Tim. 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9.)
We believe that men and women are to observe the headship as it is ordained by God. Men are to lead in the Public Worship Service and women are to worship in the manner prescribed for them. (1Cor. 11:1-6; 1Cor. 14:34; 1Tim. 2:11-13.)

We believe that Baptism is not effective unto Salvation, but is rather the answer of a good conscience towards God. (1Pet. 3:21.)
We believe that Baptism consists of: A proper Mode – Immersion. (Mt. 3:16; Jn. 3:23; Acts 8:36-39.) A proper Administrator – The Church. (Mt. 28:19.)
A proper Subject – A Saved Individual Upon His Profession of
Salvation. (Acts 8:37.) A proper Reason – To obey God and to be added unto the Local Church. (Acts 2:41.)

The Lord’s Supper.
We believe that the Lord’s Supper is the second of only two Church ordinances. (1Cor. 11:2.)
We believe that the Lord’s Supper is observed in commemoration of the Death of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Lk. 22:19; 1Cor. 11:26.)
We believe that the proper elements of the Lord’s Supper are Wine and Unleavened Bread. (Mt. 11:18-19; Lk. 22:1; Lk. 22:18.)
We believe that the Lord’s Supper is intended to be partaken of by only the Local Assembly, and then only by those who are members in good standing. (1Cor. 5:6-8; 1Cor. 11:27-30.)

We believe in the Pre-Millennial, Pre-Tribulational return of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1Thess. 4:13-18.)
We believe that His return is imminent. (Mt. 25:13; Mk. 13:34-37.)
We believe that upon His return He will raise the dead in Christ and rapture the living in Christ. (Job 19:25-27; 1Thess. 4:13-18; 2Thess. 2:1.)
We believe that after the Rapture there will be a Seven Year Tribulation. (Jer. 30:7; Dan. 9:27; Rev. 11:3; Rev. 12:14; Rev. 13:11-18; Rev. 14:9-12.)
We believe that after the Tribulation there will be a great battle in which Satan and evil men will be defeated and Satan will be bound for a thousand years. (Rev. 19:17-20:3.)
We believe that there will be a Thousand Year (Millennial) Reign of Christ on earth, and after the thousand years Satan will be released and will once again wage war against the Lord God Almighty. (Rev. 20:4-6; Rev. 20:7-8.)
We believe that after Satan is defeated in battle that he and his will be cast into the Lake of Fire. (Rev. 20:9-10.)
We believe that after the Great White Throne Judgment, that the Lake of Fire is the final destination of all wicked men (living and dead), fallen angels, and even of Satan himself. (Rev. 20:11-15.)
We believe that Heaven will descend and God will reign upon a New Earth with New Jerusalem as its capital city. (Rev. 21:1-2.)
We believe that all redeemed men will find their abode in the New Earth and that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (the Bride of Christ) will take up its abode in the New Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:3-7; Rev. 21:9-10.)