The Fragile Walls of Christianity

EZEKIEL 13:1-16

The reality of the situation is this: What is known as Christianity today has no strength and has no staying power. All about us, is only a very tenuous connection with God and True Religion, and the slightest wind seems ready to bring the walls of Christian Religion tumbling down. Within those walls there is not strength to withstand the devil, and there is not faith or will to stand for Christ and the Truth. Falsehoods and lies have pervaded every part of our society, and such deceit has filled the ranks of Christianity. Compromise, covetousness, conceit, and convenience are the attributes that dominate Christianity today. If folks stand for anything, it is usually only because it is profitable to the flesh to do so. If Christians are forced to choose between God and self – Heaven or the World – they will almost unfailingly choose the flesh and the pleasures of the world. What do we do in such circumstances, and in such a place and time as ours? It seems that all we can do is preach the Truth! God will change the hearts for the better, as He sees fit – and He will judge the false and unrepentant. All we can do is what God has called us out to do – and leave the results up to God.