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The Fragile Walls of Christianity

EZEKIEL 13:1-16

The reality of the situation is this: What is known as Christianity today has no strength and has no staying power. All about us, is only a very tenuous connection with God and True Religion, and the slightest wind seems ready to bring the walls of Christian Religion tumbling down. Within those walls there is not strength to withstand the devil, and there is not faith or will to stand for Christ and the Truth. Falsehoods and lies have pervaded every part of our society, and such deceit has filled the ranks of Christianity. Compromise, covetousness, conceit, and convenience are the attributes that dominate Christianity today. If folks stand for anything, it is usually only because it is profitable to the flesh to do so. If Christians are forced to choose between God and self – Heaven or the World – they will almost unfailingly choose the flesh and the pleasures of the world. What do we do in such circumstances, and in such a place and time as ours? It seems that all we can do is preach the Truth! God will change the hearts for the better, as He sees fit – and He will judge the false and unrepentant. All we can do is what God has called us out to do – and leave the results up to God.

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I hope you will join me in praying for the Lord Jesus Christ to be exalted, and for the people of God to be encouraged and strengthened in fellowship, knowledge, conviction, and service.




The Path of the Just

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” (Prov 4:18)

The Path of the Just is the Way in which the children of God must go. It isn’t just a good way; it isn’t just the right way; it isn’t just the direction in which we travel as a result of good moral decisions. Rather, the “Path of the Just” is Jesus Christ, Himself. We read in the New Testament, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6) The Path of the Just is the Way into Heaven – and this Way is Jesus Christ. The Path of the Just is the pursuit of Truth – for Jesus Christ is Truth. The Path of the Just is the only means of Eternal Life – our Lord and Saviour is Life Everlasting.

This Path of the Just isn’t just the way that redeemed sinners travel, in the pursuit of Truth and Life. But, this Path of the Just is itself Just and True – Holy and Righteous – because of Jesus Christ. Only the just shall travel in this way, because the Just One has made the Way for us. Christians should be honored and privileged to travel in such a Way. Christians should be willing and eager to proceed along this Path of the Just. However, it seems that many Christians would rather travel a different way, and are so enamored by the pleasures of this world, that the Path of the Just seems not so inviting. Indeed, many so-called Christians today are only fooling themselves – they do not know the One and Only God and Saviour of men, or else they would love Him, follow Him, and rejoice to be included amongst the pilgrims who sojourn in the Path of the Just. “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matt 7:13-14)

As God’s people travel in this Path of the Just, the effects upon us are wonderful, transforming, and of enormous potential. To walk in this way, is to walk with and in Jesus Christ. To be close to Him. To be near Him. And, as we move along this way to be more like Him. The farther we go with and in Jesus Christ, the more clearly we behold the Shining Light of the Way. The farther we go towards God and Heaven, that Light shineth more and more unto the perfect day. In this life we can see God and His Son, Jesus Christ, through the eye of faith. In this life we can see somewhat of What and Who He is. And as we travel in this Path of the Just, our eyes are fixed; our minds are enlightened; our hearts are full; and our desires are focused on Him. More and more, as we travel this way, as men behold us in this life, we will become more and more like Him, and better able to tell others of Him, and better able to please Him and obey Him and exalt Him. Then, one day, we will come into His Presence – and we will see Him as He is. “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” (1Cor 13:12)

Go Thy Way

“And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. And they call the blind man, saying unto him, Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee. And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus. And Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight. And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.” (Mark 10:49-52)

Blind Bartimaeus is an example of a man who comes to the Lord Jesus Christ in humility, crying out for forgiveness, and seeking sight and life in the Son of God. He cried out to God to have mercy on him; and he asked the Lord Jesus for sight. I think it is interesting to observe how the Lord deals with this humble, penitent, and blind man. The Lord asks Bartimaeus what he wants. Bartimaeus responds by asking for sight. The Lord then grants him his desires, and tells him, “Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole.” Bartimaeus immediately received his sight.

Now, whether Bartimaeus was saved on this occasion, or whether he was already saved; still, this event is a good picture of the salvation (spiritual life and sight) that God gives to each of those who are saved. And, lest any would use the Words of God “…thy faith hath made thee whole” to give Bartimaeus (or any of us) credit for our salvation by saying our own faith has saved us; let me remind you, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Rom 10:17) Also, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:” (Eph 2:8) So, the faith that was referred to in the case of Bartimaeus, must have been a faith that God first granted unto him.

But what I wanted to get to is this: Notice how that the Lord told Bartimaeus to “Go thy way…” It seems that many would take this as an excuse to make a way for ourselves that would be pleasing to the flesh, or that would be the easiest and smoothest route to Heaven that one could imagine. But this isn’t the case with Bartimaeus at all. When the Lord tells Bartimaeus to “Go thy way”, the Scriptures tell us that Bartimaeus immediately “…followed Jesus in the way.” Isn’t this remarkable? A man is told to “Go thy way” and immediately follows Jesus Christ! Well, maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising. After all, as the chosen of God, as the children of God, as the servants of God, as the disciples of Jesus Christ – shouldn’t His Way be our way? When we are granted life, don’t we follow the Giver of Life? When He gives us sight, don’t we see the Way before us, a different way than we followed before? True salvation results in a man or woman who will follow Jesus Christ in the Way of Life.

Their Heart Was Not Right

“Nevertheless they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied unto him with their tongues. For their heart was not right with him, neither were they stedfast in his covenant.” (Ps 78:36-37)

This is a passage that is speaking of Ephraim and the sons of Israel. The Psalmist is lamenting that though the Children of Israel had received many benefits from their God; still, they were unthankful unto God, rebellious towards God, and selfish and wicked in their desires and behaviors.

This sounds a lot like many so-called Christians today. Too often, men and women will be consumed with their own desires and affections, and will give only lip service unto the God Whom they claim to serve. What does the Psalmist mean, when he says of Israel that “their heart was not right with Him”? Well, the context tells us a couple of reasons that Ephraim was not in good fellowship with God – and I believe these reasons are evident in Christianity today.

First, they were full of flattery towards God, and they lied unto God. It is a shame that folks would flatter God, when there isn’t enough glory or praise in the sum total of our beings, that we could honor Him as He truly deserves! It seems that their words were empty and without meaning; and their words were insincere and full of deceit. They said what they didn’t really mean! This could be true when they praised Him; this could be true when they thanked Him; this could be true when they called upon Him for aid – they didn’t really mean any of it! I think that insincere Christians behave the same way today: Their hearts are not right with God, because they lie and deceive in their every pretense of worship, praise, or supplication towards God.

Second, the Israelites were not right with God because they were not “stedfast in His covenant.” This people knew what God could do – they had received God’s provision and protection throughout their journeys in the wilderness and throughout their history in the Land of Canaan. This people knew what love God had for them, and also what obedience God expected from them. They knew the Law of God – the Word of God was delivered unto them. And yet, knowing the Power of God, and knowing the Favor of God, and knowing the Justice of God, they still resisted Him, and ignored or disobeyed His Word.

This seems comparable to much of Christianity today: Their hearts are not right with God, because they do not steadfastly obey His Word and contend for the Truths that have been delivered unto us. Despite God’s blessings upon so many in Christianity, still, men and women are not faithful unto Him. Many Christians will say with their lips that God is Good and Holy and the Ruler of men. Then they will proceed to give the lie to their words by disobeying the same God Whom they pretended to follow.

I pray God that more and more of those who call upon the Name of the Lord will be truly saved, and will have hearts that are right with God – hearts that are full of sincere love (not flattery); and hearts that are full of steadfastness in the Ways and Word of God. To obey God, rather than men. To pursue Him and His Will, rather than our own fleshly desires.

Trusting God

“Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” (Ps 55:22)

Following God, and serving Jesus Christ, is not always easy in this life that we live. This verse from the Psalmist lets us know that there are burdens that we must bear – because he says, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord…” However, in the very next breath we find the comfort and the strength that we need, while carrying our burdens: “…and He shall sustain thee.”

We know that the Psalmist is speaking of the saved, because he says (of God), “…He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” So, it seems that those who would live their lives in a righteous fashion, shall have a burden to bear – but the Lord will sustain us, as we cast that burden upon Him.

Additionally, the future is confirmed and certain, for these who are given unto Him, because the Lord God will not allow them to moved or taken away from Him. We trust in God to save us, and we trust in God to keep us.

I hope it is not your own righteousness that you are trusting in today; but rather the righteousness that is found in Jesus Christ. “Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith:” (Phil 3:8-9) We cannot save ourselves – we are sinners, and we have no righteousness with which to justify ourselves before God. We, as sinners, must repent of our sins and trust in Jesus Christ to save us. He will pay the price for our sins, and He will give us of His righteousness and present us before God the Father as justified saints of God.

It is a pleasant thought, and very comforting to our souls, to know that, while the world and this present Age continues, our salvation is sure and certain because it rests not in ourselves or in the power of any man, but in the Person and the Work and the Righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Praying for Kings

1TIMOTHY 2. “Praying for Kings.” “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.” (1Tim 2:1-2) Prayer is an important and indispensable part of every Christian’s life. In fact, I believe that prayer unto God – accompanied by a ready and regular knowledge and study of God’s Word – are inseparably linked to the life of every successful Christian. In other words, if we desire to be faithful unto God; if we desire to be a good witness for Jesus Christ; if we are to ever bear much fruit in the Kingdom of God; then, we must study often, and pray unceasingly.

In our text passage, I want us to note that we are particularly encouraged (commanded) to pray “For kings, and for all that are in authority.” In our day and time, it seems that the ones in power, and the ones who rule over us have taken more authority upon themselves then their elected offices actually permit. These demagogues and tyrants have done much to take away the liberties of the American people – and they will do even more, if the American people do not resist, and if God will allow them the opportunities. As Christians in America, maybe we have gone too far – or at least diverted more of our energies then we should have – in seeking mortal relief from our predicament. Maybe we should get back to prayer? I know it may sound absurd (in the flesh), but let’s pray for the souls and the salvation of our leaders. Of course we should pray for Donald Trump – I imagine that many of you do on a daily basis. We want him to be saved, and we want the Lord to guide him in his decisions, and to give him strength in his convictions. But, today, I want you to pray for Joe Biden, that God would save his soul. Pray for Anthony Fauci, that God would break his heart, and bring him to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for Nancy Pelosi – who knows the limits of God’s grace? – God saved you, He can also save the Speaker of the House!

I submit to you today, that it would be better to have as our President, and as our leaders, men who are saved and led by God – no matter the Party that they may have been affiliated with – then to have the most moral conservatives, who do not know the Lord, to be placed in authority over us. As a side, I do believe that it would be very difficult for any man or woman who is saved by God’s grace, and who is openly and daily seeking to follow God and glorify Jesus Christ; it would be very difficult (if not impossible) for such a man or woman to openly ally himself to the Democratic Party – when that Party openly condones murder in the abortion of babies. But, who knows? (God Knows!) Surely God can save some from amongst these who are placed in power over us despite their political party, or their former beliefs – he can change each of us as He sees fit! Surely, He can bring their will into submission unto His, and He could, if it were His Will, make these (formerly) wicked politicians into the bravest, the boldest, and the most fervent of His servants! Pray for those who rule over us. That their wicked agendas would be halted; that their evil desires would not be fulfilled; and, most of all, that they would be saved and converted into servants of Jesus Christ.

The Foundation of God Standeth Sure

2TIMOTHY 2. “The Foundation of God Standeth Sure.” “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” (2Tim 2:19) In Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy, he spends much of the Epistle encouraging Timothy, and warning him about the dangerous days in which he lived, and the apostasy of many who professed to know Jesus Christ. In our text passage the Apostle Paul lets Timothy know that the Works of God are certain and sure – even when men aren’t. And there are signs that prove the sincerity of man, and the Holy Intentions of God.

I think this verse, and the surrounding context, is very applicable for our time as well. There is a lot of fear, trepidation, doubt, and worry in the lives of Christians today. Men and women worry about tomorrow – almost to the point that it ruins their today. They are led astray by false teachers, who feed upon their doubt and lack of knowledge. In the verses preceding our text verse, we are warned about those who preach falsehood, and who lead many astray: “But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus; Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.” (2Tim 2:16-18) We must study the Word of God, and be prepared to resist the false teaching of others! “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2Tim 2:15)Remember, as the text verse tells us, “The Foundation of God Standeth Sure.”

This “Foundation” that Paul speaks of, might be the Faith that we have in Jesus Christ; it could be considered the System of Faith which is the pattern for our Faith and Worship; it could be the Faith in the coming of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection of the saints of God; or, it could be – and I think this is the most applicable for us today – the monumental and comforting truth, that “The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His.” Our salvation – even the faith that has been granted unto us, and the faith that governs our worship and service unto God – is built upon the Foreknowledge and Predestination of our God in Heaven. He knew each of those who are His, before the world ever was. The foundation of our salvation is more ancient than the world itself!

Also, let’s pay attention to the words that Paul used, especially as he says, “…the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal.” Those of us who are saved are sealed unto God. The Covenant that contains (or is) our salvation is approved by God; ordained by God; accomplished by God; and then applied unto each of us by God. This is a “Seal” or a sign of the veracity and the effectiveness of the salvation that God has accomplished. Those who are His, are Known of Him.

Further, the “Seal” includes this evidence of salvation: “…Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” The Foundation of God Standeth Sure. He knows us, and we know Him. He loves us, and we love Him. Those who truly know and love Jesus Christ will “Depart from Iniquity.” Not that we won’t ever sin again; but that we will not habitually live in sin. In other words, the truly saved can be made manifest in the sight of men, through their dissociation with sin – their separation from the world, and their inclination unto God. “Iniquities prevail against me: as for our transgressions, thou shalt purge them away. Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts: we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of thy holy temple.” (Ps 65:3-4)

Woe to the Workers of Evil

MICAH 2. “Woe to the Workers of Evil.” “Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand. And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil. In that day shall one take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, and say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed it from me! turning away he hath divided our fields.” (Mic 2:1-4) This is a prophecy that could be applied to our place and time. It seems that the ones who “devise iniquity and work evil” have the upper hand in our society. It seems that the evil persons can do as they wish “because it is in the power of their hand.” These men and women “work evil upon their beds.” This could be, in part, a reference to the adulteries and the wicked sins that men and women commit with one another. But, I believe in this case it is primarily a reference to the manner in which evil men and women of these days spend their time – even their nights – devising their wicked plans, and then they implement them when the day comes. They seem to be having great success in our Nation today! Working out their evil plans at night, and then revealing them to the world during the day!

However, I want you to know that God is still the Judge of all men. (I know there are other judges in our societies; but God is the Judge Who Matters – He is the final Say and the One Who will pronounce Final Judgment.) Our God is still in control, though it may seem to our finite and unknowing minds that men of evil are on track to destroy us all. Think about it this way: Is it going to be a good and peaceful life for these wicked persons, who have gained much prestige and power, but who have also had “Woe from God” pronounced upon them? Would you be willing to gain the world and the pleasures and powers of it, only to find out that God has brought a terrible and eternal Woe upon you? These evil persons who afflict our Nation now, may seem to be prospering – they may even be rejoicing in their momentary victories – but they will have to one day submit to the Justice and Judgment of God!

I think that Christians will agree with me, when I say that it is better to suffer a bit for the present – as a Christian, as a follower of Good, as an upright and honest person – and to presently receive favor and recognition from God, then it is to receive accolades, power, prestige, and the pleasures of this life – only to be judged by God, and condemned unto everlasting punishment. The victories of man and his evil desires are only for a little while, and have no enduring success. The victories of God and Good – the virtues supplied by the Grace of God and Salvation in Jesus Christ – these are effective unto happiness and contentment in this life, and eternal joy and peace in the Life to Come.

I would hate to be this one (or these ones) who is described in our text, as God has him in consideration: “…against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks.” It is a terrible thing – no matter what successes these evil men and women may have in this life – to have God “devise an evil” or a judgment and destruction upon wicked men!

I hope that God will give us grace in these last evil days, to resist and lay aside the evil and the sin which does so easily beset us; and that we would have strength to serve Him and to stand up for Goodness and Righteousness in these last evil days. “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.” (Jas 1:12)

Prepare Thine Heart

JOB 11. “Prepare Thine Heart.” “If thou prepare thine heart, and stretch out thine hands toward him; If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles. For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt be stedfast, and shalt not fear: Because thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as waters that pass away: And thine age shall be clearer than the noonday; thou shalt shine forth, thou shalt be as the morning. And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope; yea, thou shalt dig about thee, and thou shalt take thy rest in safety. Also thou shalt lie down, and none shall make thee afraid; yea, many shall make suit unto thee. But the eyes of the wicked shall fail, and they shall not escape, and their hope shall be as the giving up of the ghost.” (Job 11:13-20) These are some words that Zophar had for Job, when Job was going through great trials and afflictions. I believe that Job’s friends were deceived, and they were mistaken in the accusations and in their exhortations that were delivered to Job. Yet some of their words about God were objectively true, though often misapplied. The truth is that Job loved the Lord, and he patiently endured the trials, trusting in the righteousness of God and the salvation that had been delivered unto him. He despaired of life from time to time, but he never despaired of God.

I suppose that Zophar and the others believed in works for their salvation – or at least they trusted too much in works to preserve them in God’s Sight. So, to them troubles and afflictions must always signify God’s displeasure and man’s failure. This is because they mistakenly believed that God’s goodness towards us depends solely on our faithfulness unto Him. Sadly, this is the attitude and the doctrine of most of Christianity today: “If you will be good and live right, then God will save you.” It is better to trust in God’s faithfulness – He does not change. It is better to trust in God’s righteousness – He is always true. We do good, because we love Him, not in order to be saved. Still, it is in our best interest to do good – God will use us, and God will reward us.

I want to use Zophar’s words as an encouragement to the saints of God, and a reminder of the expectations that God has for us. We all need to “prepare” our hearts, as we “stretch out” our hands unto Him. This is true when we come before Him in prayer; this is true when we come before Him in thanksgiving and worship. We must not bring “iniquity” with us, into our service unto God. We must “put it far away” so that we do not taint our service unto God – so that we do not place an obstacle between us and our God. Then, as we turn from sin and as we engage in the Cause of Christ, we can “lift up” our faces unto God, and we can have certainty and confidence in our hearts – that we are doing God’s Will; that we are living in accordance with His Word; that we are being the example that we ought to be to the world of lost men around us. Share the Gospel! Live righteously! Speak out against sin! Encourage men to repent! Do these rather than getting caught up in the pleasures of this world. Do these rather than being ensnared by sin. Do these rather than trembling in fear.

I like the next words: “Yea, thou shalt be stedfast, and shalt not fear.” As we come to God, and as we leave the pleasures of the world behind, we find that we will also be escaping the fear and uncertainty that seems to plague so many. We can be stedfast, because our God is stedfast! We can be courageous, bold, and brave – because the fears of the world will be overcome by our love for God, and His love for us! You can take your “rest in safety,” and none will “make thee afraid.” Our hope and help is in God. Sometimes our hearts forget this. Prepare your hearts; cleanse your minds from sin and the distractions of the world; God is there for us, and He will take care of us. “And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope.”

The Danger of Rebellion

2CHRONICLES 7. “The Danger of Rebellion.” “But if ye turn away, and forsake my statutes and my commandments, which I have set before you, and shall go and serve other gods, and worship them; Then will I pluck them up by the roots out of my land which I have given them; and this house, which I have sanctified for my name, will I cast out of my sight, and will make it to be a proverb and a byword among all nations. And this house, which is high, shall be an astonishment to every one that passeth by it; so that he shall say, Why hath the LORD done thus unto this land, and unto this house? And it shall be answered, Because they forsook the LORD God of their fathers, which brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, and laid hold on other gods, and worshipped them, and served them: therefore hath he brought all this evil upon them.” (2Chr 7:19-22) Christians like to lay claim to the 14th verse in this Chapter – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2Chr 7:14) But, when it comes to the succeeding verses (which are our text today), the Christian tends to relegate the meaning to the background, and ascribe application only to the Children of Israel.

I submit to you today, that if the Good God of Israel can be looked to for Rescue and Redemption today, in our place and time; then, the Angry God of Israel – who allowed them to be carried away captive on multiple occasions – is also our God in our place and time today. This God Who saves, will also punish the sinners! We can apply this in a personal way, so that we can warn folks that God will judge them for their sins, and men must repent and believe in Jesus Christ, else their own sins will one day plunge them into Hell and the Fire That Never Ceases. We can also apply this to the people amongst whom we live – which, I think, is needful for us today. God has been good to us as a Nation, here in the USA. We have benefitted for centuries, because of His Nearness unto us, and the blessings and protections from Heaven. And yet, if this people amongst whom we live, will continue in the almost universal rejection of God – the very God Who has saved us; then we can expect that the Angry God of Israel will pour out judgment upon us.

As our text passage says, as a people we have “set before” us “other gods.” We have rejected the One True God, and, as a Nation, we have Rebelled against God. As a result, we stand in danger today. It is an awful thing to be “cast out” of the “sight” of God! Without His Protection, we stand in danger of destruction. In fact, without Him, and without a respect for Him and His Ways, our National destruction is inevitable and imminent. Perhaps we see the beginning of that destruction being played out before us, in the hatred, the animosity, the violence, the willful sinfulness, the murder, and the wickedness that is everywhere indulged in the USA today. I pray to God on behalf of this Nation. I hope that you, too, will pray for this Nation. I hope that there will still yet be humility, repentance, a calling upon God – and then, that we would receive from Heaven forgiveness, and a little reprieve for our people, here at the end of the world as we know it.

Judgment Committed Unto Jesus Christ

JOHN CHAPTER FIVE. “Judgement Committed unto Jesus Christ.” “For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son:” (John 5:22) When we read this passage, we usually consider only the fact that Jesus Christ is the Judge of all men: He will pronounce judgment at the Great White Throne when death and hell are cast into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:11-15); and He will be the Face of Justice at the Judgment Seat of Christ, when the saints of God will stand before God and be judged for the value and consistency of their service unto God (2Cor. 5:9-10).

However, I think there is something more to this passage of Scripture – I do believe that the Lord Jesus is informing those who doubted His Person and His Character, that they would be judged by God based upon their failures to recognize Him, or to praise and obey Him. Judgment will be pronounced upon men, based upon their consideration or estimation of Jesus Christ. In other words, the ones who will deny Jesus as the Christ, will be judged on that account – final judgment is committed unto Him, and men’s love or despite for Him. The basis for any man’s salvation will be to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, as Saviour, and as the Son of God; which each of the saved must do, through the faith that the grace of God will bring unto them. “That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.” (John 5:23-24)

When men or women fail to honor the Son of God, they are failing to honor the Father in Heaven. Such an attitude, or such a response to the Person and Presence of the Son of God, will result in condemnation and eternal damnation. If there is no love for Jesus Christ, then there cannot be any true love for God in Heaven! The judgment of all men is committed unto their faith in Jesus as the Christ, or their refusal to believe in Jesus Christ.

Later on in the Chapter the Lord Jesus makes it plain that the judgment committed unto Him includes His personal involvement in the pronouncement or determination of the judgment of men. “For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself; And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man. Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.” (John 5:26-29)

Still, the basis of the salvation or damnation of men – as they stand before God and are judged – will be their stance on the Person and Character of Jesus Christ: Final judgment will hinge on faith, or the lack thereof, in Jesus Christ. At the Last Day, the Son of God will say to the chosen and saved, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” While, of the wicked and the lost He will say, “And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matt 25:30)

Righteousness, and eternal life, are found only in the Son of God, the Saviour of men. “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life. I receive not honour from men. But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you. I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only? Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust. For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?” (John 5:39-47)

Our Redemption Draws Nigh

Times are certainly turbulent, dangerous, and even frightening for many people in the world today. I was reading in the Book of Luke, and I thought of our day and time as I read the following passage: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:25-28)

The nations are “distressed.” The people are full of “perplexity” – with so many ideas of what is right and what is wrong; what is true science and what is false science; what is safe public protocols and what is merely deprivations of liberties. “Men’s hearts” are even now “failing them for fear.”

I believe the world and the powers of darkness are using the world-wide virus to sow the seeds of panic and despair throughout the world. It is readily apparent that the vast majority of people on the earth, are troubled or even consumed with the things of the flesh and the material world, while the things of the spirit and eternal life are not of any immediate concern. As the attention of the world is directed more and more to the things of the flesh; as the world of men becomes more and more perplexed with the dangers and the fears that are all around them – wondering, “What do we do next?” With never a thought to trust in God rather than men; as men and women have their eyes more and more cast downward, to man and man’s abilities and the help that comes from man; even at such a time do the people of God need, even more, to look up! The Time is upon us! Our Redemption draweth nigh! The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ is near!

Our True Hope is in Jesus Christ. I do hope and pray that men and women will turn to Him in Faith and Repentance. The world is not coping very well with the Covid virus. Why do you think the world can do any better when it comes to easing your guilt of sin, or of saving you from the wrath to come?

“But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” (Eph 2:4-10)

Cast Down, but Not Destroyed

Though sore beset with guilt and fear,
I cannot, dare not, quite despair;
If I must perish, would the Lord
Have taught my heart to love his word?
Would he have giv’n me eyes to see
My danger, and my remedy,
Revealed his name, and bid me pray,
Had he resolved to say me nay?

No—though cast down I am not slain;
I fall, but I shall rise again;
The present Satan is thy hour,
But Jesus shall control thy pow’r:
His love will plead for my relief,
He hears my groans, he sees my grief;
Nor will he suffer thee to boast,
A soul, that sought his help, was lost.

’Tis true, I have unfaithful been,
And grieved his Spirit by my sin;
Yet still his mercy he’ll reveal,
And all my wounds and follies heal:
Abounding sin, I must confess,

But more abounding is his grace;
He once vouchsafed for me to bleed,
And now he lives my cause to plead.

I’ll cast myself before his feet,
I see him on his mercy–seat,
(’Tis sprinkled with atoning blood)

There sinners find access to God:
Ye burdened souls approach with me,
And make the Savior’s name your plea;
JESUS will pardon all who come,
And strike our fierce accuser dumb.

But his wife said unto him, If the LORD were pleased to kill us, he would not have received a burnt offering and a meat offering at our hands, neither would he have shewed us all these things, nor would as at this time have told us such things as these. (Judg 13:23)

Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me. (Mic 7:8)

Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: (Rom 5:20)